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      The Sound of Antigua—Duets for Flute and Guitar

【褒.種茶】Sio-po-kua: Music from Taiwan's Lush Tea Gardens


近乎失傳的台灣歌聲,你所沒聽過的傳統韻味。新穎動人的旋律,承襲自台灣音樂的DNA,每首歌曲背後就是一段當年雋永的愛情故事。 相褒歌(Sio-Po-Kua)可稱為台語「山歌」,這項台灣早期文青必備的吟唱才能,現今能信手拈來唱出幾段的只剩少數老一輩的人,長笛家蔡佳芬在與坪林居民互動過程中,聽到阿嬤們哼唱的曲調極為震撼,這正是一種結合地區文化內涵的特有音樂,僅以三個音為音階的曲調,卻蘊藏坪林茶鄉悠遠的歷史故事。

Redolent with a traditional flair foreign to many ears, these songs were almost lost in the flotsam and jetsam of history. The Sio-po-kua banter songs were sung as a heritage music form to the early-generation Taiwanese literati. Yet now, only a handful of silver-haired singers are able to recite a few verses and a few tunes. These songs, created on a musical scale of just three notes, are a vessel of many wistful tales from the tea gardens in Pinglin.

延續《荻生笛聲—蔡佳芬長笛雋永集:東西謠想新臺風》的精神,尋回茶園相褒的經典記憶,搭起現代與傳統的情感橋樑,透過作曲家黃俊達的重新詮釋,以長期從事相褒歌採集文化工作者-林金城先生《坪林相褒歌》一書為藍本,為創作的靈感來源。是世界首度以台灣相褒歌為音樂主軸,融和在地聲景與西方器樂的古典作品。由數度合作,默契十足的長笛家蔡佳芬與古典吉他家Rene Izquierdo攜手演出,為茶鄉傳唱『相褒歌』賦予新生命的古典作品。 

This album is a continuation of "The Sound of Antigua: Classic Taiwanese Folk Songs for Flute", a collection distinctively characterized by Taiwan’s musical genes, that seeks to recover deep-buried memories of banter songs from Taiwan’s tea farms, for a bridge that connects the present, and the past. " With “Pinglin’s Sio-po-kua" by Mr. Lîm Kim-siânn, a field researcher devoted to documenting banter folk songs, as the blueprint, composer Chun-Da Huang reinterprets the songs accordingly. This is the first album in the world that devotes to the timeless beauty of Taiwanese banter folk songs: it fuses Taiwan’s local soundscape with western musical instruments. The internationally-renowned classical guitaristm Rene Izquierdo, who has graced other musical collaboration efforts in the past, joined the recording with the Tabernacle's Women Choir to produce this milestone collection.





The melodious, silvery, and undulating flute music

dances with the full-bodied, smoky key of classical guitar.

The songs travel through the woods, the tea plantations, luxuriating in the atmospheric yet romantic soundscape of a Sio-Po-Kua.






In picking a tea leaf, the musical heritage of the folk ballads soaks up the spirit of the classical;

In making a deliberate sip, the tea drinker treats his taste buds to the fragrance of freshly harvested tea.

Time stands still in the caresses of air and strings; the earthy aroma of the tea garden beckons the listeners, like a siren’s song.





01 探訪 The Visit

02 遠看 Looking At You From Afar 

03 茶園相褒 Sio-po-kua in the Tea Garden

04  一蕊好花是金菊 A Beautiful Golden Aster

05  挽茶苦The Travails of Tea Leaf-Picking 

06  一叢好花栽落湖 A Cluster of Flowers Falling into the Lake

07 思念 Missing You

08 一遍種茶十外叢 Ten Newly Grown Tea Trees

09 阿嬤講相褒 History of the Sio-po-kua

10 初見 At First Sight

11 回首 Looking Back

12 聽見坪林Sounds from Pinglin (合唱曲 Choir )




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